Personal Profile

I'm originally from Pretoria, and blessed with a gorgeous family!!!

I am a dedicated, methodical individual who is constantly developing new skills and eager to share my knowledge in the field of Plasma Fibroblast.

I had the opportunity to transition to the aesthetics sector after spending 14 years working in the beauty industry. I'm a cosmetic technician who has written the first comprehensive educational series of seven e-books on Plasma Fibroblast Treatments.

Having experienced great expense to better myself in this particular field, I decided to make the journey much easier and considerably more affordable for upcoming technicians by writing a study e-book series and by educating future clients about how plasma fibroblasts work.

This intensive worksheet series was a result of my own hands-on experience in writing this about "ROSASS Insight into plasma fibroblast" covering over 92+ topics for upcoming and existing technicians, as well as a list of topics for clients contemplating this treatment.



1. Survivor of the COVID-19 epidemic

2. Music lover

3. Mother of two beautiful handsome Sons

4. I have the Best Daughter in Law

5. Adore & Love my ONE & ONLY Grandson like jelly tots

6. Love my Lovely Family and Friends

7. I will follow my Sister to the Moon

8. Love Arts & Crafts

9. Appreciate my kind Neighbours "except for one" : )

10. Love HUGE dogs

11. Author & Publisher

12. Vettie my dog & Fur baby "Always in my heart"

I decided to make it my mission to help others in a much more affordable way in becoming the best they can be! in doing plasma fibroblast treatments, to help raise the standard of plasma fibroblast treatments, with happy clients coming back again and again.

If you have any questions or are interested in pre-ordering one of my books, please send me an e-mail with your name to rosassbeauty@gmail.com put “Plasma Fibroblast Worksheets” in the subject line.

All Images used on this Website, Video and in Worksheets are credited to Canva.com, Pexels.com and Rosassbeauty.com