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After years of research, drafting this manuscript, and hands-on personal experience, I am proud to announce the publication of "The Complete Plasma Fibroblast e-Book Study Series", which includes 276 pages of actual before and after images, mapping, and best practices.

This comprehensive manual series serves as a study resource for both practicing technicians and trained students performing Plasma Fibroblast Aesthetics.

My main purpose with this study series is to make plasma fibroblast information more accessible, and transparent to empower and improve the overall quality of plasma fibroblast treatments in the industry.

This manual series delivers information on the most important, more - than 90 topics, promoting evidence-based practices in developing goal-driven treatments and outcomes. It is the most comprehensive plasma fibroblast manual currently available and is simple and easy to read.

Why is this Manual Series important?

The manual series presents information in a clear and straightforward manner, with an emphasis on evidence-based practices for achieving desired outcomes. The importance of goal-directed evaluation and treatment methods that ensure the safety of your clients cannot be overstated. Given the rising severity of unsatisfactory results in the industry, issues such as using the incorrect procedure or applying the arc for too long.

The manual series also discusses the critical relevance of pre- and post-care as part of each condition's treatment options, for those who are actively delivering this service.

You have the choice to buy, e-book 7 "the complete series" which covers over 90 topics, or choose one of the single e-books that cover the specific topics you need advice or guidance on "In order to make it more accessible and affordable for all"

My promise to you, if you follow our detailed worksheets and practice practice! you should have no excuse for giving the best treatments and support to your clients becoming a huge success in doing Plasma Fibroblast treatments, and as a BONUS, you will have happy returning clients!

Happy Plasma! Susan ROSASS xox

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