Plasma Fibroblast Consumable kit

Consumable Kits

We do supply you with one consumable kit for all training options

including the following:

  • Wipes 1 pack R35

  • Plastic wrap R 55

  • Application sticks x2 R4

  • F & E plus numbing 30g R550

  • Colloidal silver spray 125 ml R62

  • Plastic spray bottle R23

  • Nitrile gloves 100 R270

  • Pencil white R72

  • 10 x masks R55

  • Mini eaze Ice Block R12

  • Templates black: For Eyes, Jaw and Neck, 2 sizes each R169

  • 1 X Sachet Fougera Vitamin A + Vitamin D Ointment R28

  • Headband R110

  • Gift bag R 25

TOTAL Cost: R 1,470

If a product is not available, we will substitute it with the nearest similar item.