ROSASS Plasma Fibroblast Training

Are you considering adding this procedure to your resort or salon? Take advantage of the best plasma fibroblast training!

If you want to provide top-notch Plasma Fibroblast services, learn everything there is to know about performing Plasma Fibroblast treatments, and become one of the best at doing so while also aiding in the development of industry standards, let me take your hand and guide you step-by-step.

Proposed Plasma Fibroblast Pricing

a Highly profitable service to include on your beauty menu.

With procedure costs ranging from R 1,500 up to R 10 000, a quick return on investment is possible.

Plasma from Fibroblasts Skin tightening is extremely profitable, and my training is among the best in the world. 

Plasma Fibroblast Pen Treatments

The first in-depth look into the workings and rising popularity of Plasma Fibroblast.

Unlike traditional skin-tightening treatments, plasma fibroblast therapy is more cost-effective, and people can avoid painful plastic surgery, shorter recovery times, and most risks related to the procedure. (if done right)

Plasma Skin Tightening is a cutting-edge cosmetic procedure that builds collagen and tightens skin by using an electrical arc. It has a proven track record with non-surgical techniques such as:

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Training packages

Please note that you must register for our courses by filling out the Training application or contacting us personally. A 50% deposit must be paid in advance, and the balance must be paid in full 7days prior to the training day in order to attend. 

All Training options include a Consumable Kit  + an Aftercare goodie bag + study series of applicable e-books FREE, To see what's included in each training option please click on the training of your choice to see all. "Excluding device"

All of our training kits include everything you'll need to get started with providing these services, including comprehensive digital training study e-Books, and all required documents.

"Fundamental Education" in Plasma Fibroblast 3 Days 

Training Dates

Skin Tissue 1 Day